Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Train Wreck

Yesterday was a complete and total train wreck.

Everything that could go wrong, in fact went wrong.

We had ordered tickets to see Sting last night off of Ebay and they were in the 2nd row. We were excited but the lady wasn't able to get us the tickets because of a family emergency. She refunded our money but we were still disappointed.

Then, Lori found a ticket outlet who still had some good seats left and bought us 9th roow tickets to the show.

Of course my depression took a turn for the worse by the afternoon and I wasn't in a very good mood to sit with a crowd of people but I tried to pull myself together for the show and just have fun.

We started out for Denver and ran into a nasty traffic jam on the outskirts of the city. We ended up in this stop and go jam for about 2 HOURS!!! My left leg was shaking and cramped up from constantly working the clutch for that long. I was hungry and pissed off and by this time and it looked like we werent' going to make it to the ticket office in time before they closed. Luckily we called them and they said that they would stay a little bit latter so that we could pick up the tix.

So we picked up the tix and headed toward the University of Denver Magnes Arena for the show. We found the "Event Parking" area only to realize that we had forgotten to get cash for the parking! So, we drove around the area until we found a 7-11 gas station with an ATM. Finally, we parked our car and walked into the arena and found our seats.

We bought a several cups of wine from the vendor and things seem to finally settle down a bit. We sat through the opening band sipping wine to relax and to try and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Finally Sting took the stage and opened strong with "Message in a Bottle." After that song, however, he pretty much played a slew of older, more obscure songs and we were disappointed with that.

Not to mention the couple behind us TALKED through the ENTIRE SHOW!!! I was SO pissed off as you can probably imagine. I looked back at them several times to scowl at them but they were clueless of this "international message of disdain" and kept and running their mouths. I nearly turned around and said,

"We paid good money to hear Sting-not you!!!"

Anyway, then there was the drunk lady next to me who kept dancing so wildly that she would bump into me from time to time and I nearly throttled her.

Then on the way home we realized that we had totally forgotten to tell my parents that we were going to this concert. The problem with that was we usually go over to their house for dinner on Tuesday nights and so my mom prepared a nice meal and then we didn't show up.

They got worried when we didn't show up and they called the house and the cell phone to no avail. They ended up calling the Sheriff's station AND the hospital because they were so worried that something might have happened to us!!

God, we felt like such assholes!!!! (and still do).

Finally, we made it back home and just went right to bed.

Nice day, huh?

P.S.-Sorry about the laying out my bitch of day to you but I had to tell someone.

UPDATE: Head on over to my Buddhist Blog if you want to read how I am dealing with this day.

---End of the Insanity---

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